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Web Site Design Leitrim – Glencar gates

Website design Leitrim

We were approached by a Leitrim Based Business firstly to build a plugin for their existing website. But after meeting a few time the client decided he wanted a basic fresh new website that was responsive and his information easy accessed. The main focus of this website was the Gate Builder  


He wanted users to be able to build a gate in the browser and send the finished product to him with picture via email. there was a nice bit of work  required to complete the Gate Builder as their was many parts build: users selecting add ons to different sections of the gate like spear tops and bar designs,  capture the finished gate image, and send the size parts selected and image of completed gate.


Website design Leitrim

Once the Gate Builder was finished we built a basic but Clean Fresh Responsive Website, Allowing the client to control the layout and add galleries and new content.

Have a look at the Gate builder here :


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